09 October 2019

Species reported

Photos of potential Chinese Mystery Snail at Lake McGregor were submitted to AEP staff by a student and Dr. Patrick Hanington. 

09 October 2019

AEP staff meet for situational analysis

AEP staff team is assembled to review the current situation, assemble a response team, contact external experts who could provide advice on the species and determine next steps. 

10 October 2019

Species verification by AEP Staff

Parks staff went on site to confirm presence of operculum (trap door), to confirm identification as Chinese mystery snail. 

11 October 2019

Meeting with external experts

AEP staff pull together key personnel from across the department to meet with external expert from University of Guelph to learn more about the potential impacts of Chinese mystery snail in Alberta. 

15 October → 16 October 2019

Survey of initial location & downstream

AEP staff survey Lake McGregor to confirm locations of Chinese Mystery Snail, and collect a live sample. 

25 October 2019

Response options discussed

Given infestation extent and knowledge of the species, management options are discussed by AEP staff. 

07 November 2019

Shift to long term management plan

AEP's aquatic invasive species program is tagged with creating a long term management plan for Chinese Mystery Snail. 

24 January 2020

Long term management plan drafted

A first draft of the long term management plan is created. 

14 April 2020

Stakeholder engagement opens

Key stakeholders are invited to share their opinions on the draft long term management plan. 

05 May 2020

Stakeholder engagement closes