Notifications of Proposed Management Changes to Recover Fisheries

7 months ago

The following waters are identified as having conservation concerns (high risk populations having a Fish Sustainability Index of 2 or less) and require management action. The prescribed regulation to recover high risk populations is catch and release as outlined in the updated recreational fishery management frameworks (Walleye and Northern Pike Frameworks).

Implementation of recovery management actions are proposed with the intent of restoring fish populations to a level where other management objectives and regulations can be considered. These changes are necessary to meet conservation needs and achieve long-term sustainability. Waterbodies will be re-assessed to determine the status of fish populations over the next several years and the regulations will be adjusted accordingly. Management notifications for recovering fisheries are listed below.

If you have specific questions or feedback on any of the waterbodies listed, please email

Waterbodies with Northern Pike Regulation Changes

Waterbody Fisheries Management Zone Legal Land Description
Jackfish Lake ES2 SW6-41-11-W5
Beta Lake ES3 SW9-55-11-W5
Snipe Lake ES4 NW6-71-18-W5
Blackett Lake NB1 SE27-66-11-W4
Bluet Lake NB1 NW5-58-4-W4
Claude Lake NB1 SW15-67-13-W4
Elinor Lake NB1 NE30-65-11-W4
Fork Lake NB1 NE22-63-11-W4
Francis Lake NB1 SE11-69-11-W4
Goodfish Lake NB1 NW12-61-13-W4
Heart Lake NB1 NE5-70-10-W4
Helena Lake NB1 SE4-66-11-W4
Ironwood Lake NB1 SW7-65-10-W4
Jackson Lake NB1 SW24-67-11-W4
Kinnaird Lake NB1 SW6-67-10-W4
Lac La Biche NB1 NE3-14-68-W4
Logan Lake NB1 NE19-70-9-W4
McGuffin Lake NB1 NW2-67-11-W4
Piche Lake NB1 NW3-70-11-W4
Pinehurst Lake NB1 NE27-65-10-W4
Whitefish Lake NB1 SW16-62-13-W4
Long Lake NB2 NW36-64-25-W4
Narrow Lake NB2 SW7-65-24-W4
Equisetum Lake NB3 NW15-89-5-W5
Goodfish Lake NB3 NW9-89-5-W5
Long Lake NB3 NE13-89-5-W5
North Wabasca Lake NB3 SW31-81-25-W4
Rainbow Lake NB3 SW20-90-2-W5
Unnamed (Artisinn) Lake NB3 SE8-82-9-W5
Unnamed (Little Sandy) Lake NB3 NE31-79-22-W4
Battle Lake PP2 SE14-46-2-W5
Unnamed (Forestburg Res) Lake PP2 NE30-40-15-W4

Waterbodies with Walleye Regulation Changes

Waterbody Fisheries Management Zone Legal Land Description
Heart Lake NB1 NE5-70-10-W4
Goodfish Lake NB3 NW9-89-5-W5
Rainbow Lake NB3 SW20-90-2-W5
South Wabasca Lake NB3 SE6-80-24-W4
Thurston Lake NB3 SW9-126-1-W6
Unnamed (Little Sandy) Lake NB3 NE31-79-22-W4