How do I set up my FinS aquarium?

    Please refer to the 2017-2018 Fish in School Technical Manual. In this manual, you will find a section about how to set up your aquarium that provides step-by-step assembly instructions. 
    There is also a supporting video, 'Aquarium Set-Up' in the video gallery of this webpage.

    Is it possible our fish have whirling disease?

    No, your fish do not have whirling disease. Eggs came from a certified clean facility, the Allison Brood Station, located in Crowsnest Pass. This area is also not in the current "red zone" where whirling disease is currently found. This facility also has specialized equipment to prevent diseases from entering through their water source.

    Some of our fish have died or look sick. What do we do?

    Refer to pages 48-49 in your technical manual. These pages will provide you with some of the common fish behaviours and conditions that you may observe. You can also read through the questions posted on the Q & A page to see if other schools have encountered similar problems in the past and to find out what the solution was. If you are not able to find a solution to your problem on these pages, please send us an email at

    How do I remove a dead (white) egg or alevin from my aquarium?

    We find the best way to remove a dead egg or alevin is with tweezers. 

    How do I remove the extra white fungus from my floating hatchery?

    Try using a pipet or syringe. 

    How do I suggest a webinar topic?

    To suggest a webinar topic, either post in the Webinar Forum on this webpage or send an email to

    When will we receive our FinS eggs?

    You will receive your FinS eggs during the third or fourth week of January.

    When do we release our fish?

    You’ll release your fish with an Alberta Environment and Parks representative in Late May or early June.The FinS coordinator will be in touch with you to discuss the details of your release in February or March. The lake selection is limited and set by provincial biologists.